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You Did It…Now What?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

You did it! You got your company up and running, and you made your dream a reality…now what? It is easy to think that the most challenging part is now behind you, but it isn’t. the first week, month, and year can be very difficult and discouraging. You can do it, don’t look back! You will find areas that you didn’t even think of before. Communication structures, duplication of work, and just managing can be a challenge in any organization, but even more so in the beginning. Someone once told me a phrase that I still live by when managing a project or company, “Put the fire out closest to you.” You have to sit and think, “which problem is going to burn me first.” Identify that challenge and address it first. Develop a communication structure with clients and employees. Create an organizational chart, and delegate where you can. You will have sleepless nights, and you will struggle at times, so surround yourself with trusted employees, contractors, consultants, and whoever you can. Running a company is demanding, even more so when it is your passion. Each week, look at your progress and your shortcomings; what can become more efficient, and what should become a standard operating practice?

Communication and structure will depend on your evaluations of your business. Many organizations have staff meetings for debriefing and passing on tasks to employees. Staff meetings are good, but you are new, and there will be many discussions that you will need to have without all staff members. Fridays are an excellent time to debrief the week, whether you do it alone or with a few executives. A staff meeting aims to pass goals, upcoming events, or general information to all staff members and answer general questions regarding processes to complete company goals. Mondays are suitable for staff meetings, and creating an action plan for the week.

Duplication of work is inevitable in the beginning. You will need to see deconstruct your accomplishments regularly to ensure that your company is performing efficiently. Are there areas requiring you or your employees to repeat a process? Are there areas that can have steps eliminated to create a more efficient method for your workflows? Can anything be integrated into your systems? Creating a central communication structure helps eliminate some of these, but you will need to analyze your process and be adaptable continually. Flexibility is key to your success.

Remember, you are no longer just managing employees; you are managing a company. Personnel management is vital in your success when you have employees, but organizational management is essential for your business to survive.

Let us know at Higher Design how we can help you keep that dream going and relieve some of the pressures, whether we are here for you through project management, personnel management, or organizational efficiency.

Your partner in success,

Higher Design, LLC

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