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Jarrod K. Murray, M.S.

Equipped with exceptional leadership skills; along with key talents in strategic planning and decision making to effectively resolve problems and enhance operational efficiencies, while ensuring successful and timely execution of program initiatives.

Top-performing and results-driven senior professional; armed with proven history of success in improving programs, acquiring business partners, and optimizing employee engagement.

Known as an efficient change agent and influential leader; with strong record of integrity, dependability, and outstanding service through design and implementation of human resource programs in a high-growth professional services environment.


Maarsi Jackman

With over 15 years of QuickBooks experience as an Office Specialist/Administrator, Maarsi Jackman demonstrates a variety of responsibilities. Maarsi values the importance of hard work, dedication and organization.  With the ability to work well with others, communicate clearly, and stay task oriented, stressful situations are meticulously managed. Responsible for large volumes of detailed information, she establishes and maintains the company data base and provides various detailed reports of a variety of criteria, budget forecasts and executive summaries.



Tiana Watts, M.S.

Tiana is a Human Resources Consultant who began working with Higher Design as an Intern working on her Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Tiana specializes in organizational behavior and HR strategies that help businesses achieve their goals. Tiana's experience includes working with small companies to large companies, helping them develop and implement effective policies, procedures, and practices. Tiana has consulted on recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, diversity management, legal compliance, compensation, and benefits design and implementation. In addition to Tiana's consulting work, she has experience leading at the University level, where she leads admissions and recruitment for the master’s program and selection/hiring for other clients. Tiana is over orientation for new students, which begins the last week of July up until the first day of fall classes.


Lauren Donohue

Lauren is an HR Consultant who is working towards her master's degree in industrial and organizational psychology at Valdosta State University. Lauren brings a passion to the field of organizational development and performance management. She has experience with small businesses, universities, and large corporations, where she has designed training programs that effectively enhanced employee skills, implemented performance appraisal systems that drove accountability, and crafted talent development strategies that aided in career progression. Additionally, Lauren works with the university to help recruit, admit, and onboard new students into the master’s program and foster a smooth and organized transition into the program.


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