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Maarsi Jackman

Associate Partner

With over 15 years of QuickBooks experience as an Office Specialist/Administrator, Maarsi Jackman demonstrates a variety of responsibilities. Maarsi values the importance of hard work, dedication and organization.  With the ability to work well with others, communicate clearly, and stay task oriented, stressful situations are meticulously managed. Responsible for large volumes of detailed information, she establishes and maintains the company data base and provides various detailed reports of a variety of criteria, budget forecasts and executive summaries.

Experience Highlights

Administrative Specialist, Telisa’s Woodshop

Through remote entry with QuickBooks, frequent communication is maintained while assigning, categorizing and recording expenses, assets, liabilities, equity and income. Monthly reports include excel spreadsheets for specific category breakdowns of the QuickBooks reports.  Prepare and send profit and loss reports of various criteria including; balance reports, year over year to date profit and loss, budget vs actual cash flow, and reconciliation of multiple accounts. Executive summaries, budget forecasts and the proper yearly documents for the tax accountant are furnished.

Office Specialist, Craig Ashcraft construction

Duties included answering phone calls and emails, and data entry services with QuickBooks assigning, categorizing and recording expenses, assets, liabilities, equity and income. Provided specific job orientated estimates and invoices as well as applying accounts receivable to the appropriate job.

Office Administrator, Dave Lions’ Architecture

Established and maintained clientele, employee and vendor data base within QuickBooks Pro. Reviewed and confirmed material expenses with the guidance of blueprints and entered information for billing. Provided A/P and A/R. Printed checks, recorded all financial transactions in accordance to each distinctive client.




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